Thursday, December 15, 2011

Personalized Photo Magnets

It was Elaine's wedding over the weekend. She was to join her husband abroad after the wedding, so I wanted to make something that she'd probably be able to bring along and to remember by.

Thanks to my hubby's suggestion and my ex-colleague's sharing, I gave her a collection of personalized photo magnets, of various stages in life from the good old school days till now. The entire process took me about 4-5 hours - compilation of photos, resizing them, a quick trip down to the digital photo studio to get them printed, then back at home to laminate them, stick onto the magnetic tapes, and trimming them.

Looking back, I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with Elaine. She has been an absolutely wonderful friend in many, many ways throughout the years. She has also been the pillar of strength behind Babypoppits. For all that, "Thank You very, very much, Laine!!"

May the both of them live a very blissful life together, growing old with each other. Am gonna miss my dear friend very much. *sobs*

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