Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Showcase of the Ribbon Ring Pillow

Photo credits to David Chua
This is a late follow-up on my previous post of the ribbon ring pillow. Elaine's wedding was held in December, however I am only now able to get hold of the official picture of the ring pillow.

The idea was taken from Martha Stewart's ribbon ring pillow, with the swerved ribbons as decoration. Sewing the pillow wasn't a tough job, but it took me some time to swerve the ribbons and make them curve yet keeping them in place together.

Materials needed :-

1) Fabric
2) Thick double-sided ribbon (for the decoration)
3) Thin double-sided ribbon (to tie the rings)
4) Sewing machine (of course!) - I used a mini one
5) Disappearing ink pen (for markings)
6) Poly foam (as stuffing)

Steps to follow :-

1) Cut fabric to 2 pieces of 10" x 12" size each.
2) Cut thick double-sided ribbon to 62", and thin double-sided ribbon to 5".
3) For fabric A, use the disappearing ink pen to draw a line down the middle of the cloth. This is where the thick ribbon will be swerving and curving at.
4) Draw a line across the thick ribbon every 3.5". Pin the ribbon in loops, matching marks on ribbon to line on the fabric. Sew along the line.
5) Turn the fabric to the wrong side, place it on top of fabric B. Leave a 1/4" allowance, sew the sides of the fabrics. Sew the fourth side halfway, turn the pillow right side out through the opening.
6) Stuff the pillow with poly foam, and close the opening using hand stitch.
7) Finally, sew the center of the thin ribbon onto the center of the pillow for tying on rings.

They look almost similar, no? I just love how the red ribbons shines out from the turqoise-based pillow. I wouldn't mind doing it all over again. :)


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